Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A hospital-ity context

A hospital-ity context 

Year 1950.  Location - Changanacherry, Kerala. A group of Roman Catholic dignitaries from Vatican landed in our College Campus run by the local Catholic Church, in a white 1952 State-of-the Art limousine.  The College Management was more than delighted.  The Malayalam Professor with a decent working knowledge in Latin and English was deputed to be the principal host.  The Management was confident that the priest will do justice to his job. The guests were taken around the campus, the lab, the hostels, staff quarters, the local Roman Catholic Church.......... 

A medical centre was in their last itinerary and the time has come for them to depart.  The guests profusely thanked the host and made a moving adieu.  ‘Your hospitality was commendable’, the leader said.  The Malayalam Pundit in his broken English gracefully acknowledged the gesture in his inimitable humble voice.  ‘We do not have as much as one finds in a hospital; still we do an excellent job with what ever little we have’.  The guests quickly retreated amazed.

( This story was woven as a suitable jolt to the Malayalam Professor who insisted that he would talk only Malayalam words in his class. 



VALENTINE DAY -  Time - 6 AM, February 14, 2000. Location Chennai

The weather was cool and sleep inducing.  My telephone bell started ringing disturbing my deep slumber.  I ran to the front room and lifted the receiver. “Yes, please”, I responded in feigned courtesy.. 

“I love you, I love you, and I love you so much, Darling”. A cool romantic voice cooed in from the other side.   I was shell-shocked and stunned for a few seconds, but soon regained my composure.  Matching the tone in Maddy’s cinematic expression I chirped responding.: - 

“ I too love you, sweetie.  Thank you so much for understanding and appreciating that even at 68, I will be able to manage and perform situations arising out of love”. Her instrument fell dead.

 - It happened – K Mathew Thomas

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facial treatment on a PONGAL day - This happened 3 decades ago

Mid Januaary - three continuous holidays -  
No early rising - No shaving -   No writing reports -

On Pongal Day I wanted to be a little extra smart and naughty to my children. I called my 12 year old dauhter Asha aside and gave an instant affectionate emery treatment on her soft arm with my unshaven face.  She grew pretty wild and punched me black and blue uttering inappropriate words. This is unfair Madam; be fair, I said.  Here is my hand; give me an emery treatment in return. 

She thought for a while; then stood erect; pulled my mush out and I nearly screamed in pain.  “Be fair; Sir, don’t scream; pull my mush out” was her cool retort. 

K. Mathew Thomas, 
Ex. Editor - The Sales Digest

This happened: but 'Sir' and 'Madam' are my additions

Monday, February 6, 2012

What we even can't dream of, can happen - Pray, you realise your dreams

What we even can't dream of, can happen 

Things we never dream of happening, sometimes happen.  In 1957 I was in Bombay in search of a job.  After a day’s desperate attempt to land in one I used to go in the evening to the GateWay of India to relax for some time.  I used to observe fat wealthy women alighting from posh cars; take coins in their hand and throw it in the sea to please their God, in the midst of poor people stretching their hands for alms.  The logic of their action still confuses me.  Hotel Taj faces the Gate Way of India.  I have seen escorted well clad men and  women alighting from beautiful limousines go in accompanied by the front office guard. I was sure I would never make it in my life-time, but I exercised my wild freedom of imagination.  I imagined myself to be one Taj resident to appease my own sadistic satisfaction.  Then I will remember the fox after the grapes story and will abstain from such wayward imagination.

 In 1960, I landed in a job in Johnson & Johnson of India Ltd. A job in it was the most coveted one then. This spider failed twice, but never yielded. In the third attempt the spider made it. And that too in the Sales Department under the awesome leadership of a genius, the late Win Chadha who left his job in the early sixties to be the leading hunted figure in Bofor's scam. In 1967 during a conference as the District Manager in the Southern Zone, I was allotted a room  named  ‘Viceroy Suite’,  the most prestigious and expensive one in India, in Taj with mini-bar facilities. Bar was always bar to me. So I did not use it. But for two days I stayed in a facility that was the exclusive domain of the top privileged beings in India, Maharajas, Viceroys and others in the top rung.  

When I look back many reverses in my life project before me.  These reverses have always turned out to be good for me in later years. Along with are great surprises like this Taj episode.  

Learn this from me: I interact with my God direct and He does not have to search for my blessings brokers to channel the flood of his blessings on me. As I write this I am literally in tears.

K. Mathew Thomas - Ex. Editor - The Sales Digest

Monday, April 4, 2011


Ideal creed of a party cadre - K Mathew Thomas


I believe: God is love; we’re from it and for it; let HIS name be glorified for ever
I have the character of being dedicated and loyal to my family, my brethren and my party
I live by the word that no one is more honorable and professional than I am.
I am a citizen of a time honored country with time honored traditions which is the essence of my existence.  I am proud to be a member of a people friendly party and will at all times conduct myself so as to bring credit to my family, the culture of my country regardless of the situation that changes. I will not use this pride and influence to attain personal pleasure, profit or gain of any nature. 
Competence is my watch word.
The basic responsibilities I will always keep foremost in my mind are –
To honor my God
To look after the welfare of my family
To pursue the objectives of my party in serving the people
To accomplish any task I undertake
I strive to remain effective, efficient and competent where possible and proficient in every undertaking.
I am fully aware of my role and responsibilities and I will fulfill responsibilities inherent to that role.
All members of my party are entitled to outstanding leadership and demonstrate our potential in the country.
I know my people and will always place their needs above my own
I will work consistently for the welfare of my brethren and my family and ensure for them a better future.
I will be fair to all God’s creation and will be impartial when imparting justice and help within my means
I will earn the respect and confidence of those with whom I interact irrespective of their station in life.
I will live by divine guidance and the direction of my elders in the society I live in, 
Never will I compromise the integrity, moral courage, heritage and the honor of those who are closer to me who are talented, intelligent and rich in association with culture and traditions.
I assume myself as a humble leader; will face fearful situations and live for ever as a gentleman maintaining calmness and firmness.
I will never lose faith in God and the humanity I am destined to serve and will uphold what is right and divine regardless of consequences.
I will perform all the tasks assigned to me by my leaders and maintain the highest standard of performance. 
I respect and value the trust placed on my loyalty and I will never betray it.  I will remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of my country. I will take the initiative to secure that future with God’s grace.
 I will walk proudly holding moral principles and integrity. I will never act hastily and come to conclusions 
I am equally proud of my Indian citizenship 
and my Tamilnadu lineage
K. Mathew Thomas



1. Law is a necessary evil.
2. Pass as few laws as possible, consistent with the demands of justice and the maintenance of order.
3. Where custom is sufficient, there is no need for law.
4. Do not pass laws that cannot, or will not, be enforced, for such breed contempt for both the law and the State.
5. Penalties must be minimally sufficient to deter infractions, given adequate enforcement. Less renders the law ineffective; more inflicts unnecessary pain.
6. There is an inverse proportion between the severity necessary to deter infractions and the certainty of punishment.
7. Enshrine your principles in constitutions, codify your common sense in laws, and leave the rest to regulation.
8. Even more than on your wisdom, the legitimacy of the State depends on your integrity.
9. In public life, integrity requires not only an honest heart but an honest face.
10. Your primary object must always be not the satisfaction of your constituents but the continued legitimacy of the State, for upon that depends the welfare, even the survival, of us all.

MY COUNTRY - MY VOTE. K Mathew Thomas


1. As I exercise my precious right to vote conferred on me by my country and authors of its constitution to choose a person to represent me and my brethren, I take this oath of allegiance to my COUNTRY and my STATE in the interests of its stability, security, progress and prosperity.

2. I will vote only for an Indian, born in India of Indian parents, as I will not sacrifice and compromise the security of my country and sell its interests to external elements and on this I will never be influenced either by inducement or by threat of any nature.

3. I will vote only for a party that does not have any link with external elements and not lead and guided by citizens of foreign origin who, I am intelligent enough to understand will never be loyal to this country as patriotism can never be shared between countries of different continents and those who row in single on different boats do not care either for its safety or aim an ultimate destination.

4. I will vote only for a party that proved its mettle in the past and my judgment will be based on character, performance, loyalty to the nation and its people, proved beyond suspicion while in power as different from loyalty to self, proved beyond doubt in the past by amassing wealth for the family and position for the leaders and their wards.

5. I will vote only for a party that does not have any link with any other parties in power in neighbouring States who choke me and my brethren denying us the right of existence by cutting off basic vitals as water which Mother Nature has kindly bestowed on all of us to share for mutual prosperity.

6. I will vote only for a party that does not distinguish me and my brethren by region, religion, castes, gender, majority, minority and any other human imposed divisions that can endanger the integrity and communal harmony of my country.

7. I will vote only for a party that believe in true secularism and not coloured and tainted secularism defined solely to trap the voters in political interests dividing people on communal lines that can injure the nation and lay it beyond mend. I will never vote for opportunistic secularists who after enjoying power and its fruits for several years wear false secular masks and colours at the fag end of their term and ditch the hands that reared them.

8. I will vote only for a party that does not encourage political feudalism where opponents within are just zeroes and family zeros are artificially inflated and stationed in different regions promoting anarchy while crafting them to take over reins without character on feudalistic lines exploiting a leaf licking gentry within.

9. I will vote only for a party that has stability in its agenda and discipline within and will not explode into pieces when it comes to a destiny forced power struggle where self proclaimed leaders and wards fight themselves and perish.

10. I will vote only for a party that gives due respect and honour to women as I believe women hood is to be venerated for all that is good in us, among us and around us and can be equaled only to our love for our MOTHER COUNTRY, whose destiny we decide by intelligently choosing our representatives in its protection without any consideration that is alien to us but not alien to those without character and morals. 

11. I will vote only for a party that respects Mother Nature and the clean environment it provides to us to live in health and happiness and is committed to its upkeep to the maximum possible extent in spite of all the man made pollution.  I rate environment pollution as damaging as the political pollution that eats up our country slowly and steadily like a cancer virus.

12. I will vote only for a party that is committed to bringing in prosperity all around us and be a role model as a leader to others in our country while making sincere efforts to draw respects and admiration universally which is vital for our growth. As I take the ballot paper in my hand I will close my eyes for a second and on it I will visualize in my inner self my mother, my brethren, my country and its security and tear off the imageof division, destruction and other sinful images that can belittle and harm my mother who gave birth to me and my mother country that sustains me.  I understand that an intelligent discretion is called for on me to identify and sift sin from honour and honour only honour.  I pray God to give me strength of character and  not blind my vision from seeing things in its true colours.



“Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: 
'Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


A.        Vote for a party with whom national security and interests are safe
B.        Vote for a party led by an Indian
C.         Vote for a party that respects all religions and the integrity of the country
D.        Vote for a party that can maintain communal harmony
E.         Vote for a party that does not promote family interests
F.         Vote for a party that will not perish on family feuds
G.        Vote for a party that has no Sars and Bird flu combination
H.        Vote for a party that brought to you prosperity through all-round progress
I.          Vote for a party that is God fearing and committed to lead the State to the No.1 position through better planning and sheer hard work.
J.          Vote for a party that has initiated voluminous good work so that it can complete it for future prosperity
K.          Vote for a party that will not perish on political turmoil
L.          Vote for a party that can provide able leadership with a commitment to lead the nation to prosperity and finally
M.         Vote for a leader who believes in Nationalism, spirituality and Humanitarianism.
N.         Vote for a leader who has no personal or family interests in mind
O.         Vote for a leader who is committed to the welfare of the people
P.         Vote for a leader who proved that discipline can be enforced in governance
Q.         Vote for a leader who put a stop to ugly religious practices like animal sacrifice and burying and suffocating innocent children
R.         Vote for a leader that made Temples to look after the poor by feeding them
S.         Vote for a leader who believe in progress and prosperity
T.         Vote for a leader who brought in people oriented administration
U.        Vote for a leader whose heart is with people welfare programmes
V.        Vote for a leader with a proven record of standing by the people in distress
W.       Vote for a leader who are committed to the welfare and dignity of Indian women
X.        Vote for a leader who is relatively young but mature enough to steer the state safely and wisely
Y.        Vote for a God fearing leader with a progressive outlook that can put the State into the path of progress
Z.         Vote for a leader with no biased outlook in life and look at people with a feeling of brotherhood.

“There is an election going on all the time... 
the Lord votes for you and Satan votes against you, 
and you must cast the deciding vote.” (unknown)


Vote is my right as a citizen
To vote is my citizenship obligation
To oust stale human objects from power is what God wants me to do 
To bring in a great leader is my mission
That noble mission is also the one I live for
Let me bring cheer and care to my brethren  - K. Mathew Thomas

Pause a minute
Pose yourself for a reflection
You lived past under the present regime
Look around!
Did it deliver the goods?
Are they men of character?
Are they able administrators? 
Are they people friendly or people hostile?
Think and bring in the best you choose in the field.
 K. Mathew Thomas

Friday, March 11, 2011



For those who are contemplating writing articles, here is directive...
Consider these topics...
“Aish overshadows Abhishek”...
Will Manisha’s marriage last?
These are great topics to start writing about.
Then there are lot more like these -
“Did Ms. X really snap Mr. Y on the sets?”
“On the wedding day of Mr. Y, we take a quick look of all his women he deserted earlier.”
“Readers are invited to guess how long this affair will last” so on and on...
There are several profits in taking such topics to write...
First it catches the eye of the viewer. If you were just going through, you really start to READ.
Didn’t you?
Second, you can vent your illogical animosity on well-known people. It costs nothing.
Then, though it may not have (immediate) effect, hopefully, it creates a stir.
And top of all, nothing else has been really interesting than to read what celebrities do – what they wear, where they buy stuff, who design their outfits, who their hair stylists are and a lot more.
But these are not enough; you need to really pry into their privacy. It is important to know who broke up with whom. If nothing is happening and everything seems cool, then its time for the writers to DO something. They can create ideas in people’s minds. Some useful ideas, useful both to those who read the news and those who are the news!
Of course, then is when you can write something about almost everything, irrespective of
whether you know enough about it to write about it, whether what you are saying is true, and most important whether what you are saying is useful to the receivers.   
Dont think, just write and you will be amazed at the results. The news can come a great round; who knows, you may end up getting a different version of the same news from your colleague at the lunch table. 
However, be prepared... If some society conscious humanitarian asks you why you choose to write on such topics, you could either say, you decided to dedicate your life to enlighten people with the most important things that they ought to know or just say, with a dramatic hand gesture, "you know, it is difficult to sell good things, even if they are for free. We write what people like to read".

Yes, Intelligent are those creativists (read writers, producers and tv shows/movie directors), who successfully create what they can successfully sell, which would now include YOU!
So, what are you waiting for...?

PS: Please do not read the following paragraph - 

One day one fellow met the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?". "Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the Triple Filter Test.". "Triple filter?". "That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test. The first filter is Truth. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?" "No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and...". "All right," said Socrates. "So you don't know if it's true or not. Now let's try the second filter, the filter of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?" . "No, on the contrary...". "So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left: the filter of Usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?" "No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"