Saturday, January 15, 2011



K. Mathew Thomas

1. As I exercise my precious right to vote conferred on me by my country and authors of its constitution to choose a person to represent me and my brethren, I take this oath of allegiance to my COUNTRY and my STATE in the interests of its stability, security, progress and prosperity.

2. I will vote only for an Indian, born in India of Indian parents, as I will not sacrifice and compromise the security of my country and sell its interests to external elements and on this I will never be influenced either by inducement or by threat of any nature.

3. I will vote only for a party that does not have any link with external elements and not lead and guided by citizens of foreign origin who, I am intelligent enough to understand will never be loyal to this country as patriotism can never be shared between countries of different continents and those who row in single on different boats do not care either for its safety or aim an ultimate destination.

4. I will vote only for a party that proved its mettle in the past and my judgment will be based on character, performance, loyalty to the nation and its people, proved beyond suspicion while in power as different from loyalty to self, proved beyond doubt in the past by amassing wealth for the family and position for the leaders and their wards.

5. I will vote only for a party that does not have any link with any other parties in power in neighbouring States who choke me and my brethren denying us the right of existence by cutting off basic vitals as water which Mother Nature has kindly bestowed on all of us to share for mutual prosperity.

6. I will vote only for a party that does not distinguish me and my brethren by region, religion, castes, gender, majority, minority and any other human imposed divisions that can endanger the integrity and communal harmony of my country.

7. I will vote only for a party that believe in true secularism and not coloured and tainted secularism defined solely to trap the voters in political interests dividing people on communal lines that can injure the nation and lay it beyond mend. I will never vote for opportunistic secularists who after enjoying power and its fruits for several years wear false secular masks and colours at the fag end of their term and ditch the hands that reared them.

8. I will vote only for a party that does not encourage political feudalism where opponents within are just zeroes and family zeros are artificially inflated and stationed in different regions promoting anarchy while crafting them to take over reins without character on feudalistic lines exploiting a leaf licking gentry within.

9. I will vote only for a party that has stability in its agenda and discipline within and will not explode into pieces when it comes to a destiny forced power struggle where self proclaimed leaders and wards fight themselves and perish.

10. I will vote only for a party that gives due respect and honour to women as I believe women hood is to be venerated for all that is good in us, among us and around us and can be equaled only to our love for our MOTHER COUNTRY, whose destiny we decide by intelligently choosing our representatives in its protection without any consideration that is alien to us but not alien to those without character and morals. 

11. I will vote only for a party that respects Mother Nature and the clean environment it provides to us to live in health and happiness and is committed to its upkeep to the maximum possible extent in spite of all the man made pollution.  I rate environment pollution as damaging as the political pollution that eats up our country slowly and steadily like a cancer virus.

12. I will vote only for a party that is committed to bringing in prosperity all around us and be a role model as a leader to others in our country while making sincere efforts to draw respects and admiration universally which is vital for our growth.

As I take the ballot paper in my hand I will close my eyes for a second and on it I will visualize in my inner self my mother, my brethren, my country and its security and tear off the image of division, destruction and other sinful images that can belittle and harm my mother who gave birth to me and my mother country that sustains me.  I understand that an intelligent discretion is called for on me to identify and sift sin from honour and honour only honour.  I pray God to give me strength of character and not
 blind my vision from seeing things in its true colours. GOD SAVE MY COUNTRY.

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